The Imperial Authorized Dealer Program is a program that rewards Imperial Pool Table dealers based on their commitment to the Imperial portfolio of products.

Dealers within this program are the ONLY dealers that can utilize the terminology “Imperial Authorized Dealer”.

Program Requirements

The requirements to qualify as an Imperial Authorized Dealer are simple:

Meet or Exceed a Predetermined Growth Plan*
Comply with Imperial’s Brand Requirements on Dealer Website
100% Compliance with Imperial’s Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP Policy)
Minimum of 5 Floor Models are Imperial Pool Tables**
Yearly Evaluation Meeting with Imperial Account Representative***

*Growth plan is created through meeting with dealer’s Account Representative
** Size and space limitations will be considered
*** Review of number of units sold, models and set sales goals

Program Benefits

The benefit of qualifying to be an Imperial Authorized Dealer is the added services and discounts available. All the support we will provide is aimed at increasing your sales.

Our best pricing on all Imperial Game Room and Licensed Products – Level 3
Buy 10 Imperial tables get 5% off*
10% off 2 or More Table Accessories with the Purchase of a Pool Table*
Invite to the Imperial Community Page on Facebook
Marketing and Dealer Support Tools
Enrollment into our Freight Program
Eligible to have Imperial Drop Ship Pool Tables for Online Sales**
Customized Extended Terms Plans Available***
10% off all Garlando Tables and Accessories*
Showroom Refresh Discount – 20% off per model once per year
Quarterly 2% Rebate Program****

* Does not apply drop ship or to container program orders.
** Additional requirements may apply. Drop ships receive standard level 3 pricing. No other discounts will apply.
*** All terms must be approved by H. Betti Financial Services. Cannot combine term discount with 2% quarterly rebate.
**** Credit will be issued to the imperial account. If account is already enrolled in a discount payment program the 2% rebate cannot be applied. Any container orders with private label tables will also be excluded.

Imperial's Brand Requirements - Web

For a dealer’s website to comply it must have the following:

1. Website will have a professional look and offers an exceptional user experience

2. Displays accurate high-resolution images of Imperial products

- Images may be from an independent shoot or taken from the Imperial Image Database

3. Contains accurate product content

- Descriptions
- Pricing
- Link to our Limited Lifetime Warranty where applicable

4. Uses the Imperial and associated brands logos wherever appropriate

Marketing & Dealer Support Tools*

Standard Online Tools/Support
(Please Reference our In-Store Marketing Flyer for More Details)

Access to Imperial’s Dealer Resources SharePoint Site

• This site provides access to download our catalogs, logos, ads, social media graphics, press releases, high-resolution images of all products and more.

Printed Point-of-Purchase Marketing Materials

• Tabletop Signage – Imperial and Aramith
• Hang Tags
• Consumer Catalogs (different from our full product line catalogs)
• Authorized Dealer Window Decal
• Authorized Dealer Rug

Share your Install pictures on Imperial social media pages to promote your location

Premium Tools/Support

Premium Point-of-Purchase Marketing Materials

• Standing Floor Banners (some customization available)

Access to the design services of our in-house marketing team**

* Quantity limitations and other restriction may apply for certain items
** Design services are handled on a first come first serve basis. Some restrictions and fees may apply.

Promoting You on Social Media

Room images go a long way in helping table buyers visualize a table’s style and size in a space. Images of our tables taken during installs to help promote not only the table, but also the dealer and their installation service.

1. With the permission of the location’s owner, submit images (or videos) you have taken of your completed Imperial table installs to [email protected] or text/email to your Account Representative

2. Imperial will evaluate the images:

• Quality (Recommend iPhone 6 or newer for images taken by phone)
• Uniqueness – Interesting setting, locations, cloth, etc.

3. If Imperial features your picture on our social media channels we will put $10 in targeted advertising spend behind it.

Imperial Facebook Group

Once a member of the program, an Authorized Dealer will be invited to join our PRIVATE Facebook group. There they will find product announcements, specials and discussions.

Dealer Freight Program**

Tables Per Destination Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D
5 to 9 $100 $200 $270 $350
10 to 24 $45 $100 $140 $165
25 or More $30 $60 $85 $100

Shuffleboard tables are classified as full tables.

All commercial tables will be charged an additional $150 per table.

Foosball tables, tennis tables and extra slate beds are items classified as a half table.

Fixed Freight Cost Items $25 each when shipped with slate tables:

• Spectator Chairs
• Conversion Tops
• Dining Tops
• Benches

All cloth, cues, covers, balls, play packages, cue racks, stools, pub table, dart cabinets, dining caddies, warehoused licensed product other accessories and marketing materials are shipped freight free if shipped with slate tables.

Imperial reserves the right to schedule the shipment of orders along with others to achieve full truckload shipments.*

Customer can pick-up orders at no charge.

* In order to participate in this program, the shipping location must be able to accept truckloads. Liftgate is not available.


* Southern California Zone B includes Santa Barbara and South.
** Shipping Program Applies to Dealer within the United States only excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D
Alabama Arizona California Connecticut
Arkansas Colorado Delaware Idaho
Kansas Georgia Florida Massachusetts
Louisiana Iowa Maryland Maine
Missouri Illinois Michigan Montana
Mississippi Indiana North Carolina New Hampshire
New Mexico Kentucky North Dakota Oregon
Oklahoma Nebraska New Jersey Rhode Island
Ohio Nevada Vermont
Minnesota New York Washington
South Dakota Pennsylvania
Tennessee South Carolina
Wisconsin Utah
Southern California* Virginia
West Virginia

Drop Ship Program

So you sold a table online to someone a few states away? Don’t have a location there?


An Imperial dealer who sells our tables online and meets our web standards (see slide 6) can have Imperial drop ship tables for them.

Here’s how it works:

1. Use our dealer locator to find an Imperial Dealer near your customer’s location*
2. Contact the Dealer to arrange the details
3. Confirm with your account representative that you will dropship the table to that dealer

Additional Information:

- Customer must pay full level 3 price for the table
- Imperial recommends a $650-$750 payment to the installing dealer but this is ultimately negotiated between the two dealers involved
- If there are no Dealers in the customer’s area, we will find one or take recommendations

* We encourage the use of other authorized dealers

2% Rebate

Every quarter Imperial will credit authorized dealers 2% on their total purchases across all Imperial product lines including Rasson, Cuetec, Garlando, Aramith and Championship. The more you spend the more you save!


1st1st Quarter Purchases: $100,000 → Receive a Credit of $2,000
2nd Quarter Purchases: $40,000 → Receive a Credit of $800
3rd Quarter Purchases: $150,000 → Receive a Credit of $3,000
4th Quarter Purchases: $80,000 → Receive a Credit of $1,600
Total Yearly Savings of $7,400!

* Credit will be issued to the imperial account. If account is already enrolled in a discount payment program 2% rebate cannot be applied.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is easy. Simply fill out a form and submit it to us.

1. Download the Enrollement Form
2. Fill out form in its Entirety
3. Submit the form to your Account Representative
     Enrollment Form      

Once the form is recieved, Imperial will do a quick evolution and determine if your business qualifies. Within 1-2 weeks you should receive an email notifying you that your store is “Approved,” “Conditionally Approved” or “Not Approved.”

If you are conditionally approved or not approved, we will specify what requirements need to be met before you are fully approved and work with you to help you meet those requirements.