Imperial encourages all customers to use Imperial’s carrier network for all shipments. You can request a shipping quote from your Imperial sales or customer service representative prior to your order shipping. If the customer prefers, Imperial can ship orders using a customer’s carrier. In the case of customer-routed shipments a BOL and shipping labels from your carrier would need to be provided.

Imperial's standard shipping method for small parcel service is United Parcel Service (UPS). FedEx and DHL shipping service of small parcels is also available and can be selected during the checkout process. If customers have an existing UPS account and would like small parcel shipments to be charged directly to their UPS account, please email [email protected] to have your UPS account number linked to your account. LTL or truckload shipments will ship using the most cost-effective method.

Note: Please be advised, freight quotes provided by Imperial are only estimated costs and are subject to change at time of actual shipment. Prices only include base shipping rates and do not include any special services such as Lift Gate. If at the time order is placed any additional services are needed, they would be required to show on purchase order for a revised quoted rate.

Any special delivery request(s) other than the suggested quote will be for customer's account and would be at an additional cost (accessorial fees*). Any additional services provided at time of shipment (ie. re-delivery), will be charged and billed to customer's account.

As the variables for each shipment can change (IE. increase in fuel surcharge, taxes, re-delivery charges, etc.), all rates are subject to an adjustment at time of shipment. Rates are never guaranteed as there are too many changing factors at the time of shipment. Carriers can opt to re-weigh a shipment and come up with different weights or a re-classification of product can be applied which can also adjust the rates.

Note: Basic curbside delivery requires carrier is only obligated to provide product to the end of the truck. Every time a trucking company performs any sort of special service outside their normal duties, additional fees are usually accessed. The amount of these fees varies by provider and quite often can exceed the base cost of shipping. The most common of these services are as follows:

Liftgate: This is a service that assists the driver in loading or unloading his truck when a loading dock is not available. The Driver’s trailer is equipped with a hydraulic ramp that lowers to the ground. Lift Gate service is almost always billed on residential pickups or deliveries and in commercial pickup and deliveries where loading docks or forklifts are not available. Only a small percentage of the trucking company’s trailers are equipped with liftgates, so be sure to notify them of your need for one in advance. If lift-gate service is requested, driver will take it from the lift gate, and it is usually left curbside (sometimes drivers will oblige and put it into a garage level, but they are not required to do so). Placement of product is up to customer; carrier will just drop and go.

Residential Pickup or Delivery: Anytime a trucking company must pick up or deliver into a residential area a fee is charged. This is because in most cases the local laws restrict the size of delivery trucks causing the carrier to utilize a smaller truck to service a residential area. Smaller truck requirement equals less shipments per day picked up and delivered hence the fees are assessed to offset the carrier’s losses.

Customer-Routed Shipments: In the case of customer-routed freight, the customer will have 3 business days to book the shipment with their carrier and provide Imperial’s shipping team with their BOL.   After the expiry period of 3 business days has elapsed, Imperial will ship the freight via our carrier network and bill the customer to avoid shipping backlog.

Imperial-Routed Shipments: Imperial will provide freight quotes with shipment specifications upon request.   The customer will have 3 business days from the time the quote is issued to approve shipping cost.   After the expiry period of 3 business days has elapsed, Imperial will ship the freight via our carrier network and bill the customer.

Receiving Information


To report freight as damaged or lost, please complete this form.

The purpose of this information is to serve as instruction on efficient receiving of your product. Your order is important, and we want to be sure that arrives in the same condition that it left our distribution center. That said, loss and damages can occur while in transit. We want to be sure that, in the unfortunate event that this happens to your order, we can troubleshoot and resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For these reasons, it is crucial that you carefully inspect each piece of your order BEFORE accepting it and signing the proof of delivery. As soon as your freight arrives, please take the following steps:


  1. Count to confirm the number of pieces matches your POD and packing list.
  2. Inspect each piece for damages. Unpack and inspect contents whenever possible.
  3. Mark your POD appropriately according to the following options:
    • Complete, intact, undamaged shipments can be signed for without notation.
    • Any shortage should be noted carefully on the POD and brought to the driver’s attention.
    • Any superficial damages to the packaging or product may be accepted but must be NOTED on the POD before signing.
    • In the case of excessive damages to the product packaging the shipment should be refused to the carrier and not accepted. Write REFUSED on the POD.
    • If for any reason you are unable to inspect the freight, mark the POD with “Subject to inspection.” Understand that damage found will be considered concealed regardless and could complicate or prevent the possibility of a claim later.


Should you locate damage AFTER the driver leaves with a signed POD, your damages will be considered CONCEALED DAMAGE. Effective 4/18/15 with NMFC Item 300135-A, all concealed damage claims must be reported to the carrier within FIVE business days from the date of delivery and in written/electronic form to the freight carrier. For this reason, concealed damages MUST be reported to Imperial within THREE business days of receipt of goods. At the carrier’s discretion, concealed damage claims may be denied or paid out at only a portion of the product value.

Please note, if a concealed damage is NOT reported to the carrier within FIVE business days (Imperial contact within THREE business days), we will be unable to file the claim.

It is the receiver’s responsibility to check the outside of crates, packaging, and pallet condition for dents, holes, and tears and note details of any exception; this will help ensure a good claim. The delivery receipt is for the purpose of recording the facts at the time of delivery and certifies that the freight was received in good order, unless exceptions were noted. With no exceptions noted, the carrier will be left under the impression that there was no question concerning the condition of the shipment and that the shipment was received in good order. Please take note that the consignee is not justified in refusing a damaged shipment unless the damage is beyond salvage. If only partial damage or loss occurs the consignee should accept the entire shipment and determine whether the damaged freight can be repaired and contact Imperial.

Under no circumstances will Imperial be responsible for damages incurred on a customer-routed shipment. In these cases, it is the customer’s responsibility to file a damage claim with their carrier for reimbursement.

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in Imperial’s inability to file a claim or provide reimbursement for damaged goods. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Return Policy

All returns must be authorized by Imperial's Customer Service Department. Please call, e-mail, or fax our Customer Service Department for a return authorization form.

Email Address:   [email protected]
Phone Number:   1-800-526-6261 ext. 93393
Fax Number:   1-201-288-8990
Business Hours:   Monday through Fridays, 8:30am-4:30pm EST

Any product can be returned for inspection; however, credits are typically issued for goods purchased within 15 Days and returned in "like new" condition.

Products received that do not meet the criteria for a credit to be issued will have their return credit waived. A Customer Service Representative will call you to discuss product return options. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. A 15% restocking fee will be applied for returns for reasons such as buyer’s remorse and a 25% restocking fee is applied for made to order items.

RMA Information

To process a return for CREDIT, please complete the Return Merchandise Authorization Form and fax it to (201) 288-8990 or email it to [email protected]. Returns without a return authorization form will not be accepted and are subject to a $10.00 handling /processing fee.

All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

RMA expire 30 days from the date issued.